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Mac Media 121

Michael Cummings

Hello! My name is Michael Cummings and I am a photographer and videographer, based in Denver! I am currently earning a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media Production at Drake University! I spend most of my time, well, taking photos and videos. I love what I do, which makes every second of working, amazing.

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After creating my media company in 2020, my goal was to tell as many stories as possible, no matter what it is. This had led me to have experiences in a vast array of industries, including automotive, wedding, creative, commercial, sports, and more.



My goal for every project that I work on is to make it my own. I want to take your visions, and make them into a reality, by fulling learning and understanding the couple, company, or product that I shoot. No matter what it might be, I want to help start your story.

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